About WeLink Cities

We are bringing ultrafast and ultra-affordable internet to communities that have been overlooked for far too long.

We are a rapidly growing, next-generation fixed-wireless broadband provider led by former government leaders and wireless industry pioneers deploying our proven technology in cities across the county.

We are using our best-in-class technology to unlock social impact. New federal broadband programs have opened the door for WeLink Cities to scale up the availability of our breakthrough technology in order to close the digital divide once and for all.

A family together on a couch, playfully enjoying wireless devices together

What's In It For Us?

Through the Cities Challenge, we seek committed government partners to work with as we drive our expansion, and with whom we can collaborate to close the digital divide — building on existing momentum towards digital equity.

We will combine our unique technologies with local expertise to quickly and collaboratively deploy multi-gigabit internet service.

From our government partners, we anticipate receiving streamlined access to city-owned facilities and assets and, potentially, capital assistance for one-time costs such as open-access wiring.

Our Technology

What's so exciting about WeLink wireless broadband?

  • Rapid implementation
  • Ultrafast speeds
  • Small form factor (4-inch radios)
  • Energy efficient
  • Ultra-low emissions
  • Securely sourced supply chain

WeLink delivers broadband internet to homes and businesses using a unique and patent-protected form of fixed-wireless mesh that is much quicker and much less expensive to deploy than traditional fiber-to-the-home. Using the latest advances in millimeter wave (mmWave) technology, 60-70 GHz frequencies, and innovative network routing approaches with built-in interference immunity, WeLink is delivering the combination of ultrafast and ultra-affordable internet that has simply not been achieved before.

WeLink leverages existing fiber and host sites — often rooftops and/or street poles — for small mmWave antennas to serve neighborhoods. This approach in combination with WeLink's proprietary technology suite allows us to rapidly deploy networks and keep deployment and operational costs low, in turn keeping subscription costs low for residents.

In addition to home broadband, our technology can support blanket 4G/5G coverage across the WeLink network footprint to enable a range of mobile and smart city applications.

WeLink's technology is proven — in the United States, we recently announced a partnership to bring gigabit broadband to Washington D.C., we have successfully deployed in the Las Vegas, Henderson, Phoenix, and Tucson metro areas and we hope your city might be next.