Eligibility for Cities Challenge

In addition to having a deep commitment to digital equity, we ask that communities meet the following criteria

  • Located in the United States.
  • Has reasonably dense neighborhoods and manageable tree canopies. Our tech works best in neighborhoods with at least 600 buildings per square mile and tree canopies covering less than 45% of a neighborhood.
  • Able to make public assets available for fixed wireless infrastructure deployments. Public assets may include rooftops of publicly owned buildings, street furniture, or light poles.

  • Has established government capacity for broadband projects
  • Will partner with WeLink to provide initial projects a clear pathway to scale
  • Has institutional partners working closest to households affected by the digital divide, such as affordable housing authorities, school districts, libraries, hospitals, and churches
  • Has community-based organizations or other non-profits working to advance digital literacy
  • Can provide capital assistance for certain one-time capital costs associated with serving key neighborhoods (e.g. to reach previously unserved public housing)


Evaluation Process

WeLink will identify finalist communities based on the following evaluation criteria. WeLink is forming a new Digital Equity Advisory Council to help evaluate applications and inform which communities are selected based on the following criteria:

WeLink will then work with selected local governments to refine their deployment plan. This may include:

Not all applicants will be selected as finalists, but WeLink is committed to a transparent process and will keep applicants updated as we progress through evaluation. For applicants that are not selected we commit to providing feedback on your application to strengthen our partnership potential in the future.